Stund Kunts That Fuck It For Companies

Those stund kunts that think that smoking dope or even having it on their possession while on location is ok. You might have got away with it on all previous jobs and companies that don’t drug test or take a lax view of you doing drugs but your luck usually runs out as does the luck of the company you work for.

I bring this up since I heard of two stund kunts that were working for a hydrovac company in the Fox Creek area for a major player in the gas business recently and they were caught with dope on their possession. The hydrovac company was asked to leave and is now not working for the major player in the gas business, but I also heard that the owner last year had sunk a sizable amount of money into the company, buying new units to compete against companies like Badger and Northstar. It’s these sort of stund kunts that the O&G business in Alberta does’nt need.

Even if dope is legalized by the present federal government, companies will be taking a harder line with people doing drugs, probably with more drug testing on sites rather than the contractor(s) doing it in house.


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