Stund Kunts (Notley’s NDP)

If things are not just fucked in Alberta, they are going to get worse with yet again as the NDP are going to put a price on Carbon, , just like the Stund Kunts did in BC a few years back, costing Albertan’s more money when they least can afford it. That tax will affect everything from gas at the pumps to home heating and electricity bills. I don’t see them throwing out the de-regulation of power.


They have pissed off and on the O&G industry since last spring and pissed off the farmers. The came to power with Notley saying that she was against building the Keystone XL pipeline but won’t stand up for Albertans when Quebec says the west east pipeline is’nt going through Quebec.


Notley had better get some counseling. Brings in a Carbon Tax that is going to fuck Alberta up totally by 2020. Wants a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour by 2018. I wonder if some told the Stund Kunt that oil is what makes Alberta move, not tax increases that all they do is stall the economy by taking money out of peoples pockets. Now she’s taking companies to court because her panties are in a knot.


Does anyone in the NDP have two brain cells that might collide and form a thought?

Here is a good example of the Stund Kunts that don’t have a fucking clue on how to run a province.

Adding insult to injury, Crichton’s own MLA, NDP’s Maria Fitzpatrick said this about him:

“It’s sad and disappointing a business would rather have a greater profit margin than keeping people employed at a wage where they can afford food and pay for a roof over their head. Certainly $15 an hour is not extravagant”

Fitzpatrick just called a man doing the things he needs to do to save jobs selfish.

Has Fitzpatrick ever created a single job or run a business? Of course not. She’s a former Public Service Alliance of Canada union activist who spent 32 years as a federal corrections officer.

This is the NDP though, who think hard working job creators are evil, greedy and selfish.



A letter sent to Notley by the Torq Energy Logistics CEO’s:


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