Work Ethics of Stund Kunts of the Oil Patch

I am from a different era than most people that work in the patch and was never handed anything for free and worked for everything that I own which is’nt much, but I look at people that work in the O&S industry and all I hear is complaining that their either getting worked to much, not getting paid enough or both.


Almost everyone has had their wages rolled back, except maybe the CEO of companies that still get the millions of dollars a year, but the rest of us have had to hunker down and when an operator starts whining that he wants his old rate back before it was rolled back because companies that the company I work for had to reduce their rates on their equipment to compete with the competition since the majors have demanded it and I wish I could tell the operator to grab two brain cells and have them collide and form a thought which I think he is incapable of doing. Fuck, he’s still working compared to the 90,000 that lost their jobs in the patch in the past two years.

Don’t know what ya got till it’s gone, Stund Kunts.


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