SIL Industrial Minerals aka Sureway Construction Group Ltd (Also known as 543077 ALBERTA LTD)(Go Pound Sand)

What a cluster fuck. If you value you sanity you will stay away from them. Crappy equipment from the dark ages. Out dated software. Micro managed company. Just learned they cut the rate for company haulers of sand from their transload facility in Bruderheim (June 02 2017). Class 1 operators are hard enough to find in Alberta these days and when they cut rates it tell you they are bleeding money.

Marlea Sleeman seems to have her shit together since she is President of SIL Industrial Minerals and Vice-President of Yellowhead Aggregates but her half Candida Stensrud sister is another story altogether.

They will also want you to join the company pension (not Registered) plan where as you contribute $1.00 dollar for every hour worked and the contribute $1.00 dollar as well. Your financing the company whereas if you took that money and invested in a retirement vehicle of your choice you could get a better deal at better interest rates.


Douchebag Companies of Alberta


If you want to read more reviews about SIL you can find them here:


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