Employers having a Challenging Time Find New People

Seems the “PATCH” is having a really “challenging time” in 2017 trying to fill vacancies in Alberta.

Don’t feel sorry for them, they are their own worst enemy. It started back in 2014 when oil prices went south thanks to the Saudi’s and OPEC. What followed suit was mass lay-off across the patch, but what a lot of people are not aware of is that those companies that laid off all those people turned around and had to dig deep or sell off assets to pay off the shareholders that were demanding their money. This continued into 2015 when even though the industry hand tanked the shareholders still wanted a dividend payment on the shares they owned.


The patch started to pick up in 2016 when the price of oil climbed out of the dull drums it was in for the past two years but what wasn’t seen was that all those that had been laid off at the expense of the shareholders had gone home and where no where to be found. Since the winter of 2016-17 the patch is offering the same shit or less than what a person was making pre 2014.


If companies are going to entice people back to the patch then they had better up the pay and dividends as well as fringe benefits that they are going to offer, since now they also have to deal with a generations that thinks it’s “entitled”. I am not sure what they think their entitled to but they’ll soon find out the free lunch isn’t in the patch.

You are not going to make $1000,000.00 a year in your first year in the Patch, regardless of what you have read either on the net or in a magazine or bull-shitted by a person  If you spend maybe five years on a rig you might be able to manage that but that requires that you bust your ass and not piss people off and make the sacrifice that those that came before you, made.

A Class 3 helps but a Class 1 is preferred. If you have a Class 5 your limiting yourself to meaningless labour jobs.

Don’t believe everything an employer tells you since a lot of it is bullshit and is never followed through by the employer. Get it in writing. Get them to make you an offer in writing.

Stay away from Well Service companies if you can, but if have to, start with them and jump ship once you have got your feet either froze or muddied. Experience including all the bullshit tickets (see below) your required to have just to step on a lease is getting to be a pain in the side for companies as well as the individual and with drugs, if your a druggy, the patch doesn’t want you. Tests are changing and the piss test is slowly being phased out. (To many ways to cheat on it)


Tickets Required:

First Aid with CPR

H2S Alive

Ground Disturbance II (If your into heavy Equipment and Earth Moving and Hydrovacing)

Fall Protection

Detection & Control of Flammable Sustances

PCST  (Pipeline Safety)

CSTS  (Construction Safety)

Bear Aware


Transportation of Dangerous Goods


and if your lucky enough and get hired, then you have to do online courses for all the companies that you might be working on their sites for. Shell and Imperial are the strictest. No facial hair at all including mustaches. Some companies don’t even enforce their own safety polices. (I won’t mention them)


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