Fly-By-Night Companies Definition of fly–by–night 2 : one without established reputation or standing; especially : a shaky business enterprise

I have over the years had the misfortune to work for a few of these sort on companies.

I worked for one back in 2005 (12 years ago) from Cranford Ab. Ash Bros. The first thing I noticed was that they were running a FBN enterprise was that they wanted you to drive the water truck to Sask (Maple Cr) for an Apache job but take a route that was using all Township and Range Roads and by-passed every scale that you might encounter.  Their trucks were garbage as were the wages. I last my 21 days but a lot of the people either came before or after were fired for what ever reason. Probably drugs or alcohol or pissing of Apache or Ash Bros. It’s these sort of companies that attract some of the un-wanted elements of society or people just trying to make a buck and get taken to the cleaners in the process. Hopefully Ash Bros have cleaned up their act in the past twelve years.


Then there are companies that piggyback on reputable companies names in hopes that it will advance their stature. On such company “Evolution Oilfield Services Ltd” from Lloydminster, Sask has had a company in Alberta piggybacking on it’s name. “Evolution Oilfield Svc Ltd” from northern Alberta.

Evolution Oilfield Svc Ltd is similar to Ash Bros was back in 2005. Same mentality. I left.

Wanted to run illegal logs so as not to hour yourself out


An understanding that is never discussed between employee and employer but is a mutual agreement between the two parties is if the employee is getting Overtime then the employee will work magic on his logbook so as not to hour him/herself out on a logbook.

Didn’t want to fix truck that had defects and the author would be picking up fine if DOT stopped and took truck out of service

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